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Disregard Any Negative Story Linking Me To Delay, I Will Continue To Respect Her – Bridget Otoo



Bridget Otoo has said she will continue to respect Delay.

She revealed in Twitter posts that Delay is an inspiration to her.

Bridget, who works with Metro TV, stressed that she won’t disrespect the popular TV host.


She made this statement after a fake publication about them.

Bridget Otoo, therefore, asked people to disregard such fake stories.

“If you see any story linking me to Delay disregard it. @delayghana is an inspiration to me personally and I’ve said several times that she’s the reason I even bought equipment to go into TV production. I will continue to respect and admire her,” she wrote on Twitter.


“Why would I shade the one person who has used her platform to speak in support of me? If you have your personal issues pls come for us directly but don’t think you are smarter than anyone and use my tweet that has no link to @delayghana to express your hate!!!” Bridget added.

Delay went after a friend of Bridget who shared a damning video of Bridget and her husband during their marriage ceremony not long ago.

“I’m rather surprised at the friend that filmed the video and shared it. Search for her name for us so that when we see such persons, we’d run because such a friend is deadly. Such a friend is next to the serpent,” she said on her show.

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