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Dr Likee Says Delay Will Give All Her Properties To Him If He ‘Chops’ Her



Actor Ras Nene aka De Likee was in his bragging mood when Delay interviewed him.

He boasted of how strong he is in bed in an interview with Delay.

Dr Likee revealed he is having a crush on the television host.


He made this statement when Delay asked about the type of woman he likes.

After mentioning Delay as his type of woman, the actor stated that she will give all her properties to him if he ‘chops’ her.

“Oh, as it stands, you are my line (type) …very much so, maybe if I get you in bed, you will bequeath all your properties to me…I will deal with you very well… we are in charge, try the gangster, try the street boy and see….,” he said.


Watch the video below.

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