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Sarkodie accuses Yvonne Nelson of sleeping with multiple men when they were dating



Rapper, Sarkodie, has responded vehemently to Yvonne Nelson’s allegations against him in her new book titled ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.’

The actress, producer, and author revealed in her memoir, launched on Sunday, June 19, 2023, that she had an abortion in 2010 after a short relationship with Sarkodie. 

Yvonne Nelson claimed that she made the decision to terminate the pregnancy because Sarkodie refused to take responsibility for the child.


In a fiery new song addressing the scandalous claims made by Yvonne Nelson, Sarkodie presented his side of the story.

He completely denied being the father of the pregnancy in question and accused Yvonne Nelson of engaging in promiscuous behavior with multiple partners.

Sarkodie described Yvonne Nelson as someone who projected a cool image but secretly engaged in relationships with different individuals, resulting in a pregnancy that he believed was not his.


He further explained that despite being unprepared to become a father at the time, he suggested that Yvonne Nelson keep the baby. 

However, she rejected the idea, citing her education as her top priority since she was still in university.

Sarkodie claimed that he then proposed that Yvonne Nelson seek medical attention from his doctor, but she declined, stating that her friend had already recommended a competent doctor. 


He emphasized that he never forced her to have an abortion.

The rapper’s response in his new song aims to fiercely counter Yvonne Nelson’s allegations and provide his version of events surrounding the contentious issue.


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