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“You Can Take Money And Buy A Diamond Necklace, But The People Who Support You Don’t Even Have Proper Water To Drink” – Blakk Rasta Fires Shatta Wale



Blakk Rasta has fired Shatta Wale in a new interview.

He does not see why Wale will be buying a diamond necklace and other expensive stuff when his fans do not have proper water to drink.

The musician and radio presenter questioned the impact that Shatta Wale has on his followers.


“Celebrity, that word simply means that somebody who is celebrated…ask yourself, am I worth celebrating? If yours is to follow politicians and push them into power to come and cheat those same people you are singing against. I heard some so-called celebrities say that I am not the one to train people’s children. Yes, you might be right, but you have a responsibility…for me, I will be so ashamed if, at the end of the day, my music doesn’t bring positivity that will change the nation. Then why am I here?

“You have a lot of following what are you doing with it? That is why I keep talking about Shatta Wale time after time. You supposedly have a huge following, but what are you teaching that following? It is about insults and fooling all over the place. That is all that you are doing,” Blakk Rasta stated in an interview with Ghanaweb TV.

He added: “I have this gold chain, I have that necklace, I have this and so what? Show business must come with a certain level of responsibility. You say the people who support you are in the ghetto, but do they have that? You can take money and buy a diamond necklace, but the people who support you don’t even have proper water to drink.”


“If I wear a piece of necklace that is made of diamonds and my key supporters are those who are in the ghetto suffering… I must be seen doing something for them before I can do something even for myself,” Blakk Rasta explained why he won’t follow the steps of other celebrities.

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