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Tell Ghanaians About The Threes0mes We Were Having – Nana Tonardo To Afia Schwarzenegger



Nana Tonardo and Afia Schwarzenegger are in the news again.

The former friends have been on the nerves of each other for some time now.

In a recent video, Tonardo claimed he was having threes0mes with Afia Schwar.


He asked her to tell Ghanaians about it.

“Afia and I have done so many things in this life that we are in. For those who have taken this as a world cup and are fighting for her, you have no idea. Afia, I have told you already and I am saying it again, if you are woman enough, mention the pastor’s name and I will explain the rest to Ghanaians.

“Afia, tell Ghanaians that that pastor you claim to have given me money in Kumasi used to sleep with you. Make Ghanaians aware that that pastor you said gave me GHC30,000 that you mentioned, wanted you and me to have a threes0me with him.


“Mention the pastor’s name if you are confident enough, and I will explain the rest. I have told Ghanaians to take their mouths off my case with Afia. Afia and I have done so many things in our lives. Afia, if you are explaining to Ghanaians explain it well,” he revealed.

Nana Tonardo further stated: “Don’t sit there and throw dust in the eyes of Ghanaians. Make Ghanaians aware that the pastor wanted you and me to have a threes0me with him because this is something we have been doing. As we walk around, naturally, we are cheap.

“That’s why you are my friend. Let Ghanaians know that when you told me about the pastor’s intentions for us to have a threes0me, I told you I couldn’t because of his kind of person. I also told you it’s not any money he can give me.”


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