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Social Media Users React To KKD’s Assertion That He Uses His Girlfriend’s ‘Wetness’ To Turn Over Pages On Live TV



Some Ghanaian social media users are shocked after a recent remark by KKD.

Kwasi Kyei Darkwah aka KKD stated on live TV that he uses his girlfriend’s ‘wetness’ to turn over pages.

He said this to back his assertion of being an avid reader.


His statement was made on Joy News when they were discussing Togbe Afede XIV’s decision to return the ex-gratia paid him for serving on the Council of State.

“I am an avid reader; my girlfriend gets upset sometimes,” the Ghanaian media personality said and added that “there was a time we were lying in bed; I will read and I will touch her. And she thought we were going to make love and she rose over to it. And I said ‘no no, I was just using the wetness to turn over the pages’. I read because that’s who I am.”

Following his statement, a section of social media users has been asking about the correlation of his remark to what was being discussed.


“How did we move from ex-gratia convo to ‘using wetness to turn pages’. Ei KKD,” a Twitter user wrote after posting a video of KKD’s sensual comment.

“For your man ein head inside, he spoil there oooo,” Citi TV reporter, Olele Salvador wrote.

Another Twitter user said: “does anyone remember back when Embassy Pleasure or so was on TV & this same guy used to host & would pretend he could rap only to mumble through the lyrics of LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” like no one would know? Yeah this is kind of like that, huh?”.

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