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Osei Felicia Blasts Lilwin After He Said TikTokers Are Not Celebrities



Osei Felicia is unhappy about Lilwin’s statement about TikTokers.

Recently, the popular actor stated that TikTokers are not stars.

He thinks they are being too ‘pompous’.


Felicia has blasted him over his remark.

She said a grown man like Lilwin shouldn’t make such a statement.

“I was very surprised when I heard it. I wondered if one of us had offended him because we cannot disrespect a senior man like that. So why is it that small children have not wronged you and a grown man, if you had given birth early, he could have given birth to us, say those things?


“But what can you do? He may have his reasons. I won’t blame him much because he may have said it just to trend. So it’s not an issue for me,” the TikToker stated in an interview with ZionFelix.

Osei Felicia added: “Even if we are not stars, we are well-recognised people in society. Someone will also say that Kwadwo Nkansah is not a star. No matter who you are, someone will not put you on that level. So if he doesn’t see us as stars. Definitely, someone somewhere sees us as stars.”


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