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Obaapa Christy Has Not Been Allowing Me To See Our Kids – Pastor Love



The ex-husband of Obaapa Christy has stated that she has not been allowing him to see their kids.

Pastor Love Hammond and Gospel musician separated some years ago.

Speaking in an interview with Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM, Pastor Love said his ex-wife vowed not to allow him to see the children.


“My children are very dear to me, but at a point, my ex-wife said she will never allow me to see the kids. What can I do?” Pastor Love Hammond questioned.

“The judge who presided over our divorce case gave the two of us custody. The children are grown now. More or less, I’m denied access to the children. I don’t want to pursue the issue because in our part of the world if you follow some of these issues to the latter, the outcome would be terrible.

“I’ve let it slide, and I’m okay. I’m not the first person to go through such trouble. I’m not the only person and won’t be the only person who has gone through and will go through. Some of the women in our society, if you are no more with them, that’s what they’ll do to you,” Pastor Love lamented.


He revealed that his youngest child was two years old when he saw her the last time, but she is now 14.

“My last child was two years when she took her to Germany. Now she is 14 years. I’ve not seen her since. I’ve left everything in the hands of God. I will not fight over them because if I do Ghanaians will support the one with the bad intent.

“The children know me inside out. In the future, they will come looking for their father. You know me very well. I wouldn’t t have let things like this slide, but I’m not like that again. By God’s grace, people around me have helped me change for the better,” Pastor Love concluded.

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