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Messi Is Better Than Ronaldo – Mohammed Polo Asserts



Ghanaian football legend, Mohammed Polo, has joined the Messi and Ronaldo debate.

Soccer fans and pundits have been arguing over who among these players is the best.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been tagged as the greatest footballers of their generation as they have won the Ballon d’Or twelve times.


However, Polo picked Messi ahead of Ronaldo when he was asked about his opinion on this issue.

“There shouldn’t be a debate on this. These are different qualities of players. Ronaldo’s style is different from that of Messi. What makes football interesting is entertainment,” he told Ernest Brew Smith on YouTube, as quoted by Ghanaweb.

“The dribbling and stuff are where you see the art of football. This is what I want to introduce because for Ghana’s brand of football there should be skills, flair, artistry, creativity and confidence.


“When you have these four the Ghanaian brand of football is complete. For Ronaldo, if he does not score, he contributes nothing. But Messi, if he doesn’t score he will create a goal, and then the art side will show. He has the artistry of football which will make people will pay to watch him.”
He added: “Of course [Messi is better], but you cannot take anything away from Ronaldo because he makes football interesting as well. Comparatively, I don’t see why they should be compared.”

A book about Mohammed Polo’s life, career and legacy was launched recently.

It was titled Polo The Magnificent: The story of the Dribbling Magician’. The book was written by Nii Odai Laryea and published by DAKpabli & Associates.

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