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I Won’t Stop Twerking Because It Is My Means Of Survival – Akuapem Poloo



Akuapem Poloo has explained why she won’t stop twerking.

The Ghanaian socialite, known in private life as Rosemond Brown, has stated that she won’t stop twerking because it is her means of survival.

She questioned if she will be twerking if she has a job that keeps her busy.


Poloo made this statement in an interview on Kofi TV.

“If you want me to stop what I am doing, you get close to me. Baby girl you are my kid sister what you are doing is not good in which way can I help you, so you stop what you are doing?

“If I had a shop running or I constantly go on set to keep me busy, do you think I will come on social media and take someone’s song and Twerk on it to get 5000 cedis?” Poloo questioned.


She added: “Someone will sit to insult me for doing something to get paid. Everybody is twerking, the musicians tw€rk, Muslims tw€rk at awure and even Indians tw€rk, so why would someone take mine so personal and say I am their worst enemy?

“I won’t stop tw€rking because it is a form of dance and exercise.”


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