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I Don’t Have Nipples – Stephanie Benson Discloses



Stephanie Benson has disclosed that she does not have nipples.

The UK-based Ghanaian singer opened up about this in a video shared on her Instagram page.

According to her, this happened when she was fighting against cancer.


Talking about the struggles of women, she also disclosed that she has many scars.

“Women, we are the most complicated on this earth. We always want what somebody else has that we don’t have. When we look in the mirror, all we always see are our imperfections. We never truly see ourselves as we are. Unique.

“Everybody has scars. Inside and out. I have many scars. I have scars from having children, all the way through. I have a scar right here [points to abdomen]…from hysterectomy just to survive cancer.


“I have a scar right here…[point to left diaphragm area]…where the doctor has to inject hormones into my body so I can function like everybody else.

“You will see the scar that I have right here…[points to right knee]… from falling off a motorbike. I have a silly little scar right here [points to forehead]… because I wanted to be like my mother. I have many scars. I have a scar right here…[left breast]…and another one here…[right breast]…from a double mastectomy, again, trying to survive cancer,” she revealed.

Stephanie Benson further stated: “I will show you my nipples, but I don’t have any. I have many scars, but I love who I am. I smile because I am happy. I love who I truly am. Unique. Please love yourself. You are all you have. Nobody would love you, as much as you love yourself. Thank you.”

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