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I Am Not Gay, I Have A Daughter – Nana Tonardo Reacts To Accusations



Ghanaian entertainer, Emil Gerald Wood, well known as Nana Tonardo, has reacted to gay accusations against him.

He denied being gay in an interview on Original TV.

Tonardo said he has a daughter and he is not gay.


He asked if gays have babies.

Nana Tonardo stated that these accusations are made against him because of his looks and the way he dresses.

He indicated that he has friends in America who are gays be he is not one of them.


“I am not the only man in Ghana who wears nail polish. People have weird fashion sense but they make noise when I do the same. I went to the National Theatre with my 15-year-old daughter, the videos are there. Do gays have babies?” Tonardo questioned.

“Gays don’t have babies, gays don’t marry their own genders. I am not gay. Men have proposed to me, a lot of them. Let me tell you, I have a lot of gay friends out in America. it is only in Ghana that presenters ask about someone’s sexuality…I owe no one an explanation.”

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