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Ghanaian Man Finds Out He Is Not The Father Of The Child Has Been Taking Care Of After 10 Years



A Ghanaian man has found out that he is not the father of the child he has been taking care of after ten years.

The sad development was shared on Facebook by William Yirenkyi.

According to the victim, he got the green light to do the paternity test after he applied to the court.


Shockingly, he was not the biological father of the boy when the test result came in.

“The days have come, I recently applied to the court for a paternity test on the son I thought I had with Jade. Today the results came out, and I was excluded. Meaning I am not the father of the boy.”

He, however, stated that he is not sad about what happened.


“For someone it should be a sad day, but for me it is a happy day for me knowing I never have to deal with such a toxic woman with a victim mentality,” William added that the paternity fraud journey was a long and intense one, but he is glad it has finally come to an end.

He further added a picture of the DNA test.

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