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Don’t Allow Pressure To Force You Into Marriage – Counsellor Tells Single Men And Women



A Ghanaian marriage counsellor has advised single men and women not to rush into marriage.

She told them not to allow pressure to force them into marriage.

Counsellor Charlotte Oduro revealed in a discussion on Okay FM that a lot of people have regretted after they rushed to marry.


She said they should make a careful survey before they decide to marry.

“If you are listening to me and you are unmarried, God has blessed you. Don’t rush into marriage. Survey it very well. Most of us allowed pressure to force us into marriage. Today we regret marrying. People don’t say the truth, but some of us will,” Counsellor Oduro stated.

She added: “Take 100 women and men, and 99 of them would wish they did not get married. Because they have married a man who is envious of their progress. Some have married women who are out to destroy their destinies.


We said we love each other, so why are we out to hurt and cause pain to each other? A man can go behind his wife to try and destroy her. A man will tarnish his wife to other women. Women hire gunmen to kill their husbands.”

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