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Diana Asamoah’s Former Producer Gives Details About Why Their Contract Was Terminated



Diana Asamoah’s former producer, Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, has given details about why their contract was terminated.

On Wednesday, a letter about Diana and Frimprince Production terminating their contract surfaced online.

Speaking in an interview with Ike De Unpredictable on Angel FM in Kumasi, the veteran music producer confirmed that indeed the contract has been terminated.


He indicated that Diana Asamoah did not show remorse when he gave her the termination letter.

“I served her with the letter on the 4th of August and was expecting that she would have some kind of remorse or maybe something good will come out. I gave her three weeks and after three weeks, she responded very nicely and thanked me and sent me a copy,” he said.

Frimprince added: “Even after that, I was still considering something before making it public. The nonsense was still going on, so I decided to make it public.”


Per their terms, Diana Asamoah won’t get the rights to songs like ‘Wo Na Mani Agyina Wo’, ‘Mabowodin’, ‘Akoko Abon’, ‘Madansidie’, ‘Pentecost Gya’, ‘Momomme’, ‘Wo Damu Fua’, ‘Tetelesta’ and ‘Pentecost Soree’.

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