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Angry Tinny Rains Insults On Stonebwoy And Mercury Quaye, Calls Them F00ls



Tinny has angrily rained insults on Stonebwoy and Mercury Quaye.

The veteran rapper was unhappy about how they reacted to the confiscation of his car.

Some months ago, there was a report that Tinny’s car was at the Taifa Police Station after he failed to perform at a show in the Oti Region which he had already been paid for.


During a discussion with Mercury Quaye on Hitz FM, Stonebwoy revealed he had paid for the car to be released.

All this while, Tinny was quiet on it until he had an interview with Abeiku Santana on August 13, 2022.

He called Stonebwoy and Mercury f0ols, stating why he has been silent on the issue, “people know him as a real and outspoken guy, and have called him too-knowing back in the day.”


“The reason why I’ve not spoken about it because I saw a video of Mercury Quaye and some other gentleman and Stonebwoy enter the studio and they said I owe whatever and he said he will pay. When I saw the video, I noticed only fools were there; none is wise. I saw it as a bunch of fools, bunch of idiots who have had the chance to be on radio, the other guy is also a fool,” Tinny angrily stated.

“I wasn’t expecting my colleague to also be a fool. Stonebwoy also joined the fools to be a fool. Because you can’t just…Imagine I come for an interview and assuming you tell me Wendy Shay owes somebody and I say is she broke, why would I do that? For trends?” he emphasised.

When Abeiku asked Tinny to excuse Stonebwoy from it, he strongly stated; “I will not, I will add them all together. All of them they don’t have common sense. He’s my colleague, he should know better. As a senior man that I’ve helped you before when you were coming out and everything.”


“And after saying you’ll pay my debt, you didn’t even get the common sense to call me the next day and say ‘I go radio 000, they say so so and so; ebi true?” Tinny asked.

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